Frequently Asked Questions

"What do I need to do in order to join the Japanese Archaeological Association? "

A record of scholarly publication in the field of archaeology is required for joining the Association. At minimum, applicants must have produced either (1) a single-authored article on an archaeological subject appearing in a scholarly journal or edited volume, (2) a monograph reporting the results of archaeological research, or (3) a combination, equivalent in scholarly value to either of the above, of three or more publications. The latter case may include co-authored articles in scholarly journals or edited volumes, contributions to research monographs, introductions of academic materials or data, translations of scholarly works, or book reviews (although book reviews alone would not be considered sufficient). Samples of work in languages other than Japanese or English must be accompanied by a Japanese or English summary. The annual membership fee is 10,000 Yen.

"How can I find out about studying archaeology at the graduate level in Japan? "

We suggest that you first consult the nearest Japanese Consulate or Embassy in your country, or access the web page on study in Japan maintained by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, Sports and Technology.* The Ministry, through your local consulate/embassy, may be able to introduce you to an appropriate graduate program. In order to pursue graduate study in Japan, however, competence in the Japanese language is essential. Also, since very few scholarships are available for foreign students in Japan, it is important to secure necessary funding before coming to Japan. Both the Ministry and the Japan Foundation provide scholarships on a competitive basis.

* (Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, Sports and Technology: www.mext.go.jp/a_menu/koutou/ryugaku/main4_a3.htm.
See also www.studyjapan.go.jp/jp/toj/toj0302j.html.)

"Is it possible to participate in fieldwork in Japan? Where can I learn about job opportunities? "

For a variety of reasons, there are very few opportunities for foreigners to participate in fieldwork in Japan. First of all, competence in the Japanese language is essential for anyone who would want to join a Japanese excavation team, because the English skills of most Japanese are limited to reading. Second, it is extremely difficult for foreigners to obtain visas that permit them to receive pay for fieldwork, so the only possibilities would be as volunteers. Third, prior field experience would be essential.

Partly because there are so few field opportunities available, the Association does not maintain information on which organizations plan fieldwork that might be open to foreigners. To the best of our knowledge there is no clearing house for such information in Japan.