Message from the President

Greeting from the President

The Japanese Archaeological Association was founded in April, 1948 in order to manage an archaeological excavation of the Toro site where archaeologists of different institutions participated, and became an incorporated organization in April, 2009.

In Japan, more than five thousand people are involved in research and investigations in archaeology. They work for colleges, local governments, private companies for excavations, museums, and in some cases themselves as independent scholars. The great majority of them are members of the JAA.

The aims of the JAA are to promote the discipline of archaeology and the spirit of cultural heritage management, as well as to maintain the social environment where the promotion is possible.

The activities of the JAA includes the holding of two annual meetings, public lectures and symposia, giving support for other lectures, and symposia, publishing journals both in Japanese and in English, awarding scholars and publications, promoting international exchanges, giving aid to activities to rescue museums and local research centers that have been hard hit by natural disasters, and dealing with issues related to the content of Japanese history textbooks and to the imperial mausolea whose scholarly investigations are still prohibited. Since 2016, the JAA has been working to educate high school students who might become archaeologists of the coming generation. At the annual meetings, we hold poster-sessions to display results of research conducted by high school students.

April, 2018 will mark the seventieth anniversary of the JAA. We would like to take this opportunity to further promote the aims of the JAA, such as international exchanges. It is my hope that you will be familiar with the activities and organization of the JAA.

TANIGAWA Akio, President, JAA