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"NIHON KÔKOGAKU" Table Of Contents

[A] : Article, [RN] : Research Note, [PR] : Preliminary Report of Excavation, [ER] : Event Report, [SL] : Special Lecture

No.14, November 2002, 159p; ISSN 1340-8488, ISBN 4-642-09089-4
[A] FURUYA Noriyuki Funerary Rituals and the Yayoi-Kofun Transition1-20
[A] KURAFUJI Hiroshi Remarks on the Stone Shelves in Corridor-Style Stone Chambers in Kyushu21-36
[A] KAKU Takayo Haniwa Birds37-52
[A] NAKAMURA Goro The Relations Between Sutra Mounds and Social and Religious Movements in Japan from the 10th to 12th Centuries53-70
[A] SUZUKI Yasuyuki Medieval Earthenware as a Symbol of Temporality71-87
[A] NISHIDA Yasutami On pottery form, classification, and usage89-104
[A] TOKITSU Yuko A Study of the "Discerning Eye"105-125
[RN] AKIYAMA Kozo Stone Rods of the Yayoi Period127-136
[PR] KAWASAKI Shino and HONDO Hiroyuki Results of the Excavation of the Sujikai Site137-144
[PR] HAGIWARA Hirofumi and KATO Arishige The Foundation Deposits of a 1639 Storehouse at the Dutch Factory Site in Hirado145-156