Bearded haniwa warriors
Warrior haniwa figures with full beards like these are characteristic of the former Sanbu county district facing the Kujūkuri plain in Chiba prefecture. Characteristic motifs such as the broad-brimmed hats and leather boots are also held in common. Previously found clustered at the Tonozuka and Himezuka tombs in the town of Yokoshibahikari, at the Kyōsōzuka tomb in Sanmu and elsewhere, the Ningyōzuka example is the first to be excavated outside the former Sanbu county district. The composition of the representational haniwa group at Ningyōzuka is a condensation of the Sanbu examples in its content, with horses as the only animals and houses as the only utilitarian objects. There is no tradition of placing haniwa on the mound in the Shiinazaki tomb group, and it may be said highly likely that these items were carried from the Pacific side to the Tokyo bay side over a distance of about 30 km. The height of the warrior haniwa in the center is 131.2 cm.