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"NIHON KÔKOGAKU" 22 Abstracts

[A] : Article, [RN] : Research Note, [PR] : Preliminary Report of Excavation, [BR] : Book Review

No.22 November 2006; 161p., ISSN 1340-8488, ISBN 4642090975
[A]Tomoko Nagatomo Acceptance and Development of Covered Open Firing in Yayoi Pottery1-24
[A]Takashi lwamoto Research on Production and Distribution of Cylindrical Bronze Objects15-45
[A]Martin Morris "The Archaeology of Buildings" and its potential for architectural history An exploration focused on the Egawa House repair report47-69
[A]Bunmei Nakui The Origin of Utilizing Horse Chestnuts as a Food Source: Retroactive Study on Folklore Examples 71-93
[RN]Michinori Oya, Nao Yasuda, Kazumi Yokoyama, and Yoshimitsu Hirao Separation of Sand Contained in Pottery and Methods for Its Chemical Analysis 95-108
[RN]Yasuyuki Yoshida A Way of Wearing "Ketsu"-Shaped Ear Ornaments() 109-126
[RN]Hiroaki Ota The Distribution of Materials and Information in the Late Kofun Period. 127-145
[PR]Takashi Tamura, Sadakatsu Kunitake, and Michinori Oya New Discoveries of Paleolothic Quarry Sites in Obsidian Resources: Mt. Takahara and It's Meaning 147-165