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[A] : Article, [RN] : Research Note, [PR] : Preliminary Report of Excavation, [BR] : Book Review

No.21 May 2006; 151p., ISSN 1340-8488, ISBN 4642090967
[A]Yudai Itakura Transformation of Subsistence-Settlement System Throughout the Latter Half of the Jomon Period in the Kyushu Region: as Seen from the Analysis of Polished Stone Axes and Adzes. 1-19
[A]Daisuke Nakamura Acceptance of Burial Customs at the Beginning of the Yayoi Period 21-54
[A]Makoto Muraki The Forming Techniques of Footed Cooking Pots in Late Yayoi Period 55-79
[A]Kota Suzuki Examination of Medieval "Pit Building,"Mainly from the City of Kamakura 81-101
[PR]Kazuhiro Kawachi Excavation Results of Niwatorizuka Mounded Tomb 103-114
[PR]Yasuhiro Kitanaka and Takeshi Jumonji Outlines on Excavation Research of Gokurakuji Hibiki Site 115-124
[PR]Yoshihiro Sakamoto Excavation Research at Medieval Otomo Castle Town Site125-138
[BR]Masashi Kobayashi Review of Ethaoarchaeology of Far East Russia (edited by Shizuo Ohnuki and Hiroyuki Sat0,2005) 139-142
[BR]Teruhisa Yamamoto Book Review: Kanjo Shuraku to Jomon Shakai Kozo (Circular Village and Social Structures of Jomon) by Yasuhiro Taniguchi. 143-147