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"NIHON KÔKOGAKU" 26 Abstracts

[A]: Article, [RN]: Research Note, [ST]: Special Topic

November 1, 2008; 207p., ISSN 1340-8488, ISBN 978-4-642-09101-5
[A]Makoto Murakisummary Regional Characteristics of Isewan Region: Mainly from Relationships with Eastern Japan in Late Yayoi1-22
[A]Mamoru Kimotosummary Mounded Tomb Groups in Kinai Government and Surrounding Areas23-40
[RN]Shimpei Hashinosummary Examination of Stone Knives through Measurable/Non-measurable Attributes and Typology: Study of the Southern Korean Peninsula and Nonhern Kyushu41-67
[RN]Jun Fukayasummary Transition of Japanese Swords with Gold and Silver Decoration69-99
Special Topics: Various Problems of Current Japanese Archaeology101-203
[ST]Tetsuo KikuchiIntroduction102
[ST]Tadashi Nishitanisummary Various Problems of Current Japanese Archaeology: 60 years of the Japanese Archaeologial Association and Its Issues103-108
[ST]The Committee for Protection of Buried Cultural Propertiessummary Various Problems Regarding Protection of Buried Cultural Properties109-130
[ST]Research Environment Examination Committeesummary Conditions of the Research Environrnent of Japanese Archaeology131-153
[ST]International Exchange Committeesummary Japanese Archaeology and International Exchanges: Past, Present, and Future155-180
[ST]Social Studies/History Textbooks Discussion Committeesummary Thoughts on Social Studies/History Textbooks: Description of Palacolithic and Jomon Disappeared from the Textbooks of Elementary School181-203