Noteworthy Archaeological Sites, Issue 2008

Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine:
World Heritage Site

Iwami Ginzan, Ota city, Shimane prefecture

Special Historic Site

Takamatsuzuka Tomb, Asuka village, Nara prefecture

Tarō Mizuno No. 2:
Only completed stone tools are found. A Paleolithic camp site?

Tarō Mizuno 2 site, Kaneyama town, Yamagata prefecture

Kiyotake Kami Inoharu:
Fourteen pit dwellings of the Incipient Jōmon.

Kami Inoharu site, Kiyotake town, Miyazaki prefecture

Sakura no baba:
A kingly grave of Matsuro is rediscovered after sixty-three years.

Sakura no baba site, Karatsu city, Saga prefecture

Historic Site. A relay point on the “shell route.”

Hirota site, Minamitane town, Kagoshima prefecture

Tomori Matsunoto:
Bewitching shells emerge from the white dunes.

Tomori Matsunoto site, Amami city, Kagoshima prefecture

A harbor on the north coast of Lake Biwa.

Shiotsukō site, Nishiazai town, Shiga prefecture

Osaka Castle:
The remains of a Toyotomi family feast?

Osaka-jō, Osaka city, Osaka prefecture

The above contents were selected from Hakkutsu sareta Nihon rettō 2008 [Excavations in the Japanese Archipelago, 2008] (Bunkacho [Agency for Cultural Affairs], ed., Asahi Shimbunsha, 2008),translated and prepared for presentation on this website by the International Exchange Committee of the Japanese Archaeological Association (Tokyo, Japan). All photos are used with permission of the organizations in charge of the respective excavations. (This page issued November 21, 2008.)

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